Dialogue 1 - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Hello, guys.

I'm Kayano, one of video game fans.

Today, I'll write down dialogue of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

It's very long, so divided for each chapter. This article is Opening and Chapter 1 - Jeremy.

I LOVE considering about game's lore, so arrenge in text data but English is not my language.

I hope this will help for you. ;-)




Kate: This is Doctor Katherine Collins.

          I don't know if anyone will ever hear this.

          It's all over,

          I'm the only one left.




Kate: I'm going to continue to broadcast for as long as I'm able.

          If I'm right,

          you should be able to pickup the signal right across the valley.

          The... event

          has left markers.

          We don't understand it yet, but

          we're going to keep working to try and understand it.

          You can use them to find what you're looking for.

          The answers...

          they're all here.

          The answers are all in the light.




1... 6...  1...4...  1...5...  1...7...  2...5...  (repeating...)




 Clive: This is a special announcement by the Emergency Measure Committee.

           Due to exceptional circumstances,

           radio and television in this area has been brought under the control of the EMC,

           as per the Crisis Preperedness and Action Bill of 1982.

           Keep your radio and television on at all times.

           Stay indoors and avoid contact with other people.

           Do not attempt to telephone outside your local area.

           Do not panic and remain civil and calm.

           Stay tuned to this station for updates.



Triggered Story Scene


 Graeme: I'm trying to do my job.

               You two will be the only staff on site for this rotation;

               I'm just saying if the main gates power fails,

               then there's no way in or out of the Observatory.

Stephen: That's why there are backup generators. Jeses, why the hell are we even discussing this?

Graeme: Just don't you come running to me if you get locked in.

Stephen: If we get locked in, we won't able to come running to you, will we?

               You let us worry about the clever stuff,

               and you can concentrate on sweeping up leaves and changins light bulbs.

               Happy? Now piss off.

Graeme: Arsehole.

Kate: That was unnecessary.

          Just cause you're angry with me doesn't mean you have to take it out on everyone else.

Stephen: Kate, can we just talk about this?

Kate: No, Stephen. I'm done.

         I just want to get out of this place, and tonight is our best chance at doing that.

         You prep the arrays, I'm heading up to Tower Six.

Stephen: Kate?

               I love you.

               You know that, right?

Kate: Yeah, I know that.

         Come on, let's get started.




Automatic Story Scene


 Dr. Wade: Well, I suppose from that we can assume that

                 they really are serious about this whole quarantine thing.

                 If Mrs.Boughton wandered off that way before they closed the roads,

                 I suspect we'll never find her -

                 not until this whole thing blows over.

Barbara: Well, it's more than a little odd,

               I mean this is Yaughton for goodness sake.

               There was no need for them to be so rude.

Dr. Wade: Now if they are so concerned that they are willing to close off the roads,

                 I suspect they would argue that there is every need.

                What is certain is that for the time being, none of us are going anywhere.

Barbara: But he had a rifle. A soldier, with a rifle. In Shropshire.

               The world's gone stark raving mad!

               I've a good mind to write to my MP.

Dr. Wade: You do that, Barb and I'll personally deliver it for you -

                 once this blockade is removed anyway.

                 Come on Barb, I can't spend all day chasing pensioners around the vallry,

                 the surgery won't open itself.

                 I need to grab some paracetamol when we get back as well,

                 Cracking headahce all of a sudden.





Rhys: Who's that? Hello?

Stephen: Kate, if you can hear this, your need to shut down the optical array.

               It's using the obsevatory as a conduit to reach us

               and it's started spreading its range beyond the valley.

               Kate, we can't afford to let it do that. It's getting stronger.

               I'm going call Clive back and I'm going force him to order the strike.

               I just don't see what other choice we have.

               God knows if it'll work...

Rhys: Hello, can you hear me? We need help -

Stephen: Who are you?

                Jeses, get off the phone!

                Get off the phones!!

                It's in the phones!!

                It's in the phones...



Triggered Story Scene


Kate: Don't be so hard on yourself. We're all had rejections.

Stephen: You haven't.

Kate: Oh come on,

          we'll look at the figures, tighten up the data and resubmit.

          Your core idea is sound, you just... got the numbers slightly wrong.

Stephen: Don't patronise me.

Kate: I'm not patronising you,

          I think you are a brilliant man, Doctor Appleton.


          I'm here, right?

          We're together, you and me.

          The alignment event tomorrow, it's yours, okay?

          You saw the oppotunity, you ran the numbers.

          Even if they can't see it... I'm proud of you.

Stephen: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Kate: Stephen...

          Look on the bright side. Around here you're a hero - prodigal son returns, right?

          I'm surprised they haven't erected a statue in your honour yet.

Stephen: Oh you can laugh all you want, but I'll bet

               the parish counsil have a sub-committee working on that right now.





Kate:  I keep looking, but it makes no sense.

          The area we picked the Pattern up from can no longer be located on the scope.

          That's just not possible.

          You can see significant changes to the quality of the ambient light in that part of the sky.

           It's overexposed, like a Polaroid left in direct sunlight.



Automatic Story Scene


Jeremy: You know, they see me as an outsider here as well.

Kate: Is that supposed to make me feel any better?

Jeremy: I understand it's difficult, that's all I'm saying.

              Your lot up at VALIS have never mixed with the local community.

              People here, they don't really understand what you up there.

Kate: Are you trying to get me to come to your church?

Jeremy: It's not just about faith, it's about the community.

              Be involved, be seen as part of it, one of them.

Barbara: Good morning Father, lovely day -

               oh, hello - Mrs. Appleton, isn't it?

Kate: It's Doctor Collins.

Barbara: A lady scientist! Whatever next?

Jeremy: Good morning Barbara.

Barbara: Father Wheeler.

Kate: You really think that's a community that will ever see me as "one of them"?

          I can live with them staring at me if they just stay out of my way.





Kate: Extraordinary.

         The whole thing reminds me of high school,

         seeing Mars for the first time, that same

         rush of excitement.

         My hands are shaking.



Automatic Story Scene


Jeremy: Hello? Hello?

              Oh Amanda - I thought you'd left town?

Amanda: We tried, we did try

               but they've closed all the roads and you can't get through,and...

               and then Georgie and Ben said they had headaches and then they started bleeding,

              It was horrible, they were so scared.

              So Neal turned the car around and we saw the house was open and,

              I know we should't have, but we just came in to clean up the kids,

              and then he and I started bleeding as well,

              it's all over my blouse, everyone was so tired - 

Jeremy: It's alright Amanda, everything will be alright.

              Just try and calm down and tell me where Neal and the children are?

Amanda: They're upstairs.

                They were tired, and Neal said they could take a nap in the bed and...

                and we thought Barbara wouldn't mind, as they're only children,

                and I was so tired so Neal took them up, he took them upstairs to tuck them in.

Jeremy: And?

Amanda: That was six hours ago. He never came back down.

                I've been too frightened to go and look.

Jeremy: Why don't we go and look together? I can hold your hand if you like.

Amanda: Yeah I think I could manage that, yes.

                Will you please help me?

Jeremy: Of course I'll help you.

              Neal... Neal are you there?



Triggered Story Scene


Jeremy: What are you doing? I saw you! I saw you doing that!

Stephen: Stay away from me, don't come hear me!

Sam: This is people's property - you're scaring them.

Stephen: It's all over the village, it's got into everything - it's so fast -

Sam: What are you talking about?

Stephen: it's travelling down the wires.

Jeremy: Dear God man, you're lost your mind. Where is Kate? What have you done with her?

Stephen: Don't you understand? It's breaching the quaranine and adapting!

Sam: Give me that bloody can - hand it over Appleton!

Stephen: No, get off.

Jeremy: Sam, stop it! Stop it both of you! Grow up!

Sam: You weedy little shit, give me the can. Give me the can!

Stephen: It's mine! I need it!

Sam: What the fuck?

Stephen: Oh God no. It's starting to manifest itself everywhere.

Jeremy: Stephen, come back!

Stephen: Oh Christ.



Automatic Story Scene


Jeremy: Meg?

              Meg are you here?

Meg: Here. I'm in the lounge.

Jeremy: There are too many empty houses tonight. Most of the village is gone now.

Meg: My head's killing me. Have you listened to the phones?

Jeremy: No, I thought they were all dead.

Meg: There's strange kind of static now,

         I think I heard numbers in it. It sounded like the American woman.

Jeremy: Kate? She's still alive? No-one's seen her.

Meg: Is Charlie back?

Jeremy: Not yet, no. I'm sorry.

Meg: That's alright Father.

          Listen, you go on ahead. I'll just rest here a little longer.

Jeremy: Sleep well.




Triggered Story Scene


Jeremy: Is everything alright? Where's Kate?

Stephen:Get out of my way.

               Where do you think she is?

Jeremy: Stephen, what's going on?

Stephen: Screw Kate, it's all her fault anyway.

Jeremy: What's that mark on your face?

              Stephen? Stephen!?



Automatic Story Scene


Amanda: Benjamin! Georgie! Leave it alone - it might have fleas.

Barbara: Hello Amanda, what are they up to?

Amanda: Oh they found another dead bird. I do wish the counsil would clean them up.

Barbara: Well apparently, they're saying it's a flu epidemic

               and I gather they'll be closing the roads and station so they're worried enough for that.

Amanda: Oh for goodness sake!

Barbara: Well, you don't mess about with a flu outbreak, I suppose.

               But look, I'm just saying, if you were planning on taking the kids to Wales,

               now might be the time to do it.

Amanda: Thanks Barbara. I'll have a word with Neal and see what he thinks - 

               Georgie, Benjamin - for God's sake leave it alone!





1...7...  0...0...  1...1...  1...7...  1...3...  (repeating)


Kate: The magnetic field is causing disruptions to phone signals and the rest of the electrics.

          There are voices on the line; it's 4am.

          Maybe everyone is up looking at the light show.





Kate: It wasn't just some distortion of physics.

         I may not understand it yet, but it wasn't an accident.

         All of the clocks, what happened at Tower Six - that's just not random...

         There's an effort,

         an attempt to communicate.



Triggered Story Scene


Jeremy: I saw you from the main road,

              not many people are moving around now.

Frank: I was looking for Doctor Wade.

Jeremy: Listen, Frank.

              I don't know what's happened, but your Stephen seems to think he's responsible.

Frank: I reckon he is.

Jeremy: He said Kate's still up at the Observatory, but the gates are locked.

              Frank, there's gonna be a rescue soon, I'm sure of it. They'll send planes or something.

Frank: Oh, they'll send planes all right.

            This pattern of his, we're in the centre of it

            which means if they intend to stop it,

            we're right in the firing line.



Automatic Story Scene


Sam: Meg, come and have a look at this.

Meg: I don't believe it - Charlie!

Sam: Jeremy reckons someone had been raiding all the empty houses - 

          he said a load of stuff had been taken.

Charlie: What's up?

Meg: Looks like someone's been collecting their own supplies.

Sam: Bastard.

Meg: Well we've got enough stock in the warehouse to keep the entire village going for months.

Charlie: We should get a truck.

Meg: What, and go and get all of it now?

Charlie: Yeah, why not?

Sam: It's Appleton. It's that bloody can crackpot Stephen Appleton. I'm gonna fucking do him.

Meg: Sam, it's fine. We'd better get moving before the weather turns.

         You coming? We'll swing by the camp and get Rachel on the way back.



Automatic Story Scene


Jeremy: You have to make a decision, Lizzie. Especially now.

Lizzie: But I do love him Father. I love them both.

Jeremy: He's married. There are other people involved in this.

Lizzie: Oh, I hardly think that anyone is in a position to claim the moral high ground, do you?

Jeremy: I take your point about Stephen

              and Robert, but I think Kate might see things differently.

Lizzie: Do you?

            I mean, she's not screwing anyone else, pardon my French,

            but she spends all day and night locked up in that observatory.

            Stephen says they barely see each other.

            That's hardly a marriage, is it?



Automatic Story Scene


Barbara: Dr. Wade, here you are! There's a queue of patients a mile long out there.

Dr. Wade: Just send them to the village hall with the others, please Barb.

Barbara: Doctor, people are scared.

               Mrs. Gables just called me and said her husband's vanished.

               She was very frightened,

               she said there was blood coming out from his ears and nose.

Dr. Wade: What the hell do you want me to do?

                 Until they lift the quarantine, we're not going anywhere!

                 Just tell them to drink plenty of fluids,

                 stay warm, and follow the instructions on the radio.

Barbara: Doctor - Phil - please! You have a duty to your patients-

               Your nose!



Automatic Story Scene


Dr. Wade: Visual and auditory distortions are becoming more frequent,

                 along with mild convulsions to the left side;

                 all of which support a preliminary diagnosis

                 of intracranial hypertension

                 occurring as a result of a substantial and rapidly expanding tumour

                 originating, I believe, within the hypothalamus.

                 Cognitive functions are currently unimpaired...

                 aside from this crippling headache.

                 Hemorrhanging is becoming more frequent,

                 with darker clots passing through the nasal passanges primarily.

                 I believe I am dying.

                 This is certainly not fly,

                 or anything else I have ever encountered,

                 and certainly a tumour cannot expand this rapidly.

                 In the blood clots,

                 I see tiny flecks of what looks almost like,

                 if I had to try and find a description,

                 liquid light. I cannot explain this phenomenon.



Automatic Story Scene


Charlie: What about the station?

Meg: That's shut down too; so there's no way inor out of the valley.

         They're obviously serious about this flu thing.

Barbara: Phil doesn't think it's flu at all.

               He said he's been practicing medicine for thirty years and he's seen

               plenty of flu and he said this doesn't feel right at all.

Meg: Well, there's nothing of any une on the radio.

Jeremy: Sorry I'm late everyone. Have you started?

Meg: Yes, but to be honest there's not really that much to discuss.

         This quarantine is in place, there's roadblocks and everything.

         No-one really seems to know anything but people are definitely missing - 

         more of them too, not just a couple of old biddies.

         No-one has seen the Sullivans since yesterday and house is just sitting there unlocked.

Charlie: I've just got back from the farm.

              All of Frank's cows died in the night. He's devastated.

Barbara: Poor man. Hasn't he had enough for one year? Mary and now this.

Meg: Well, if no-one is coming in to sort this mess out, we're just gonna have to do it ourselves.

         Barbara, get Phil do a stock-take on medication.

         Jeremy, put the word out for people to congregate ath the village hall,

         it's best if we get everyone in one place for the time being.

         I'll organise supplise - we'll have a lot of hungry mouths to feed.

         There's plenty at the depot, but...

         well, let's start with what's here in the village.

         I'll draw up a rota. Charlie, can you help me with that?

Charlie: Anything for you Meg.

Jeremy: I'll head out into the valley and scoop up the isolated families,

              and check in with Lizzie Graves at the camp.

              Has anyone seen or heard anything from Stephen Appleton or his wife?



Automatic Story Scene


Howard: I couldn't stop it, I couldn't do anything!

Jeremy: Stop - stop it, calm down.

Howard: Get back, it's in my head!

Jeremy: Howard, wait - 

Howard: Father? Father are you alright?

Jeremy: It's my ankle. Oh Jesus Lord, I think it's broken - 

              Howard - go and get help.

Howard: There's no-one left. No-one's coming to help us!

Jeremy: Please, Howard, fetch help - 

Howard: The light - 

               they're in the light - 

               I can see everyone in the light.

Jeremy: Oh God... oh my God, help me.





Kate: I've been recording the Pattern for three hours and so far

         have accumulated over three megabytes of binary data.

         The Pattern does not, at this point, seem to be part of any recognisably closed loop,

        but there remains symmetry, despite the conflicts.





Kate: Electrical failures all over Tower Six.

         The light is flowing like liquid,

         its sense of purpose is overwhelming.

         There's something in - 


         Stephen, is that you?



Automatic Story Scene


Meg: It doesn't even reach the back fences. Silly odd bugger - 

Jeremy: Well, loaves and fishes we can manage, but garden design is a little beyond...

Wendy: Father Jeremy? Might I have a word?

Jeremy: Mrs. Boyles, of course.

              Meg, will you excuse us please?

Meg: I'll see you back at Charlie's later. Cheerio, Wendy.

Wendy: I was speaking to Barbara,

             she said there were some irregularities about Mary's morphine.

Jeremy: Good grief!

              Those are privete medical records!

              Barbara should know better then to be discussing that sort of thing with you.

              If Dr. Wade finds out, he'll have no choice but to suspend her!

              Damn it, Wendy,

              your brother is grieving.

              Mary was sick for a long time and I'm glad it's over for her.

              Go and support Frank, he needs you now.

Wendy: God knows what you did,

             he sees.

             I just pray he can overlook Mary's weakness, but you, a man of the cloth...

Jeremy: If you have an issue with...

Wendy: You bring shame on this parish!

Jeremy: If you have an issue with me, I suggest you write to the Bishop the Diocese.

              I have parishioners to attend to. Excuse me.


Automatic Story Scene


Jeremy: If you could just have a word with them, perhaps. They listen to you,

Wendy: Well I really don't see what it has to do with me at all.

Jeremy: the village looks up to you.

              I just think with what's been happening, with Mr. Coles and Mrs. Boughton and the others,

             that people need somewhere to talk, to feel safe...

Wendy: Perhaps they don't think that your church is somewhere they feel particularly safe.

Jeremy: I don't need your forgiveness, Wendy. Or theirs.

              "Whosoever thou art that judgest:

                for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself"

              Romans, chapter 2, verse 1.

Wendy: "Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them"

              Mathew, chapter 6, verse 1.

              It's not my judgement you should be worried about, Father.

              But, fine. I'll talk to Barbara, ask her to put a note up

              in the surgery about an extra service. Will that do?



Automatic Story Scene


Jeremy: Are you there?

              Can you hear me - are you out there you bastard?

              You got them all.

              You got them all.

              Jusus Christ, help me oh Lord,

              give me strength.


              Hello? Is anyone there?

              Is anyone still there?

              Oh, you're still here then. I should have expected that.

              Come on then,

              let's get this over and done with,

              I've got my parishioners to attend to.



Story Arc Conclusion Scene


Jeremy: Their line

              is gone out through all the earth

              And their words to the end of the world.

              In them

              hath he set a tabernacle for the sun.

              Our father,

              who art in heaven,

              hallowed be thy - 


              oh God,

              oh God...



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