Dialogue 3 - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

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This article is dialogue of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture / Chapter 3 - Frank.

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Automatic Story Scene


Rhys: I messed up, Frank, but I done my time. They shouldn't keep on punishing me.

Frank: Some folk won't let go Rhys, and they've go nothing better to do

           then to poke their noses into other people's business.

           There's nothing you can do about it, son.

Rhys: But I'm doing a good job, I'm working hard - 

           I swear Mrs. Graves thinks I'll start nicking stuff if she turns her back for a second.

Frank: Lizzie's alright. She's one of the good ones.

Rhys: Well, she's not exactly honest with her husband about what she gets up to.

Frank: None of that!

           You're angry about people judging you? Don't be so fast to judge others.

Rhys: Sorry, Frank.

Frank: Keep your gob shut, your nose clean and your head down,

           do you think you can manage that?

Rhys: Gob, nose, head. Got it.

Frank: And steer clear of that Rachel girl.

           If I've seen you two making eyes at each other, then so's her dad,

           and you don't want Sam Baker coming round after you.

           Now, pass me that socket spanner and we'll see if we can't get this wheel back on.



Triggered Story Scene


Kate: Can you see the Observatory from there?

Frank: That's over the ridge just past the windmill.

Kate: Ah.

Frank: You wanna live near the station in case you need a quick get away?

Kate: Something like that.

         So, you and Stephen... I'm sensing there's not a lot od love lost there, huh?

Frank: That's between him, me, and the cows.

Kate: You're gonna have to explain that one for me.

Frank: It's nobody else's business...

           Look, you seem alright to me, you don't want to worry about that lot in the village.

Kate: Provided I'm left alone, I'm happy. Stephen's the one who likes to be at the centre of things.

Frank: Haha! No change there then...

Kate: Francis Appleton, you are a bad man. No wonder your sister won't talk to you.





Kate: Under the microscope, you could see how the light was following the cellular structure of its wings.

         The neural simplicity of the insects seems to prevent a full blown infestation, so there's

         none of the hemorrhaging I'm seeing in the birds. But Stephen wrong.

         This isn't attack, it's a by-product of the attempt to communicate.

         It's getting smarter, it's learning as it adapts.

         I'm confident of a breakthrough soon.



Triggered Story Scene


Frank: Hello?

           Breaker one nine, breaker Travelling Sherlock. Charlie, you out there? Over.

(Radio): Clive: my... my family. My wife and kids...

Frank: Hello?

           Who's that. Damn and blast.

(Radio): Stephen: You know perfectly well what you've got to do.

(Radio): Clive: I can't do it. Don't ask me to do it.

                        You 're asking me to sign their death warrant. My own family.

(Radio): Stephen: Damn it, don't you think I'm aware of that!

                              I'll still be here when you drop the facking stuff!

Frank: No! No, you stipid, stupid bastards!

(Radio): Stephen: Don't you lecture me about sacrifice you spineless little shit - 

                              if you're so full of ideas you come here and try dealing with it.

                              Tell them,

                              the time when we had a choice is over.

                              Tell them to do it.

                              You're got to do it now.



Automatic Story Scene


Evelyn: It just seems a bit odd, that's all -

             she's just over the hill, why can't we go and collect her?

Sam: You heard the radio,

          try to minimize contact with different groups of people,

          it might be spreading that way.

          Besids, Father Jeremy told me that Lizzie Graves said they're all fine.

          They're still planning on putting on their show.

Evelyn: How does Father Jeremy know what's going on at the camp

             if we're all supposed to be staying at home?

Sam: A special dispensation for the clergy or something.

         I'm sure Rachel will be alright,

         she seems to live at the camp these days anyway.

Evelyn: She's sixteen Sam, it's gonna happen -

              I was pregnant when I was seventeen.

Sam: Yeah well, that's why I'm worried about what Rachel gets up to.

          Come on, give me that other case,

          we'll still be here at midnight if we don't get a bloody move on.

Evelyn: I can't understand why the car wouldn't start.

             We'll have to get someone out to take a look at it.





Graeme: Thank you.

               Well, for the last twenty years. As a semi-professional, yes, I suppose you could call it that.

               Well, we run a club here,

               a mix of hobbyist star gazers and more serious scientists.

               They sometimes let us use the Observatory telescopes,

               but normally it's just a back gerden sort of thing.

               Well no, that's the thing. It's not like you need the Jodrell Bank to see it.

               There's just too many of them.

               Of course I'm serious, go outside and count them.

               It's Orion for God's sake, it's not difficult to find.

               Well, you tell me how many bloody stars are supposed to be on the belt then!



Automatic Story Scene


Jeremy: You knew?

Frank: Wade called me in about six weeks after,

           once he thought I could cope with knowing.

            I canna ever repay you for what you did.

Jeremy: She was a good woman, Frank.

Frank: The best.

Jeremy: You should come back to church. Back to the community. You're missed.

Frank: I hate Him, Father. I can't get down on my knees and pretend otherwise.

           And I don't understand why you don't hate Him too.

Jeremy: I try my hardest not to, Frank. Goes against the job description somewhat.

             "Faith the assurance of things hoped for,

               the conviction of things not seen".

             We have to trust him, even when his methods are hidden from view.

             Maybe see you on Sunday.





Kate: I hung up on Stephen. He doesn't understand.

         Even if he were here to experience it directly, I'm still not sure he would.

         There has to be a way of consolidating of offering a reciprocal amplification to the signal.



Automatic Story Scene


Frank: So he managed to get the transfer to the Observatory then?

Wendy: Well, this Katherine woman must have swung it,

             now he says they're getting married before they come back.

             It's typical. Why can't he just wait till he's home?

Frank: Are you gonna go?

Wendy: Goodness no.

              It'll be full of her people. I expect they do things differently.

Frank: You wanna come in for a cup of tea?

Wendy: Of I don't think so.

Frank: Oh for Christ's sake woman, it's been eight manths. Won't you just come in and talk?

Wendy: You didn't want to talk when Mary was still alive -

             you and Charlie Tate, out drowing your sorrows

             when you should have been at home nursing your wife.

Frank: You can be a nasty old bird, Wendy Boyles.

Wendy: Frank Appleton! You come back here and say that again!

             Our Mother always said you were a bad egg - you'll come a cropper, you mark my words!



Triggered Story Scene


Dr. Wade: How's your sister, Frank?

Frank: We've not spoken since the funeral.

Dr. Wade: Ah, I see. Well, listen, I...

                 I did rather wonder if you might do me a bit of a favor and check in on her,

                 see if she's alright?

Frank: Dr. Wade, if they drop the bomb, there'll be nowt left but cockroahes and Wendy Boyles.

Dr. Wade: It's a bit odd really.

                 There's an old chap, John Coles, regular visitor at Lakeside,

                 went walkabout sometime last night,

                 and now it appears Mrs. Boughton has done the same.

Frank: Enid? Well that'd be clever, they amputated her leg last spring.

Dr. Wade: Yes, that's the thing.

                 I've also got a surgery full of people with nosebleeds and headaches.

                 The council are saying influenza,

                 but I've been practicing for thirty five years and I'm not convinced.

                 I just wodered if you might pop by and see her.

Frank: Even if I did, do you really think she'd let me in?

Dr. Wade: Fine, forgot it, I'll see her. Leave it to me.

                 Oh, and Frank - call the hospital and get them to collect all this stuff - 

                 It's been eight months.





Kate: The radio telescope in Tower Six has burned out.

         The background radiation coming in from the Penrose region is off the scale.

         It's like mathematics is bending along wit the light. Everything is bathed in a strange glow.

         My hace is still numb from the burn.



Automatic Story Scene


 Howard: It's bloody England,

               you can't just stop the trains and stop people travelling about the place.

                I don't like it, Frank, I don't like it at all.

Frank: Nobody likes it, no sense sweating cobs over it.

Howard: Folk all riled about it, giving me grief - I didn't stop the bloody trains did I?

               And did they give me any warning? No they bloody didn't.

               Yesterday it's all like "keep 'em calm, Howard, minor disruptions"

               and today it's all "goverment edicts and not until further notice and you'll manage" -

                half the village has vanished - 

Frank: It's a couple of people, it's hardly half the village -

Howard: Oh, right now. But you forget, I've seen things, I was in the Falklands.

               I tell you, I got out the old air raid siren to test it this morning.

Frank: All raid siren? What on earth are you gonna do with one of those?

Howard: I found it in the station storeroom,

               took it home and stuck it under the bed, thought it might be worth something one day -

               Oh damn it!

Frank: It's alright, it's just a nosebleed. Here, use my hankie, it's clean.

Howard: Thanks Frank, thanks. It has been like a bloody drain all day.





Kate: All the power spiked with the last discharge an then went out again,

         and I could see the aurora dancing around Tower Six.

         At the same time, the headache intensified, and I think I began to hallucinate.

         Old and new memories are clashing and turnbling around me.

         We're on the cusp of a breakthrough, I can feel it.



Automatic Story Scene


Frank: Ow bist Graeme - 

Graeme: Morning Frank.

Frank: you look a little out of breath, what's up?

Graeme: Bloody Observatory gates have failed. I came to see if I could borrow a ladder.

Frank: Bloody hell, it's a twelve foot drop the other side of what wall.

Graeme: I'm old but I'm not useless. Now, can I borrow the ladder?

Frank: No-one said you were useless.

           Rhys! Fetch Graeme the ladder, will you lad? It's round the side of the barn.

Rhys: Aye Frank?

          Will do.

Frank: And you be careful. I don't want Stephen Appleton

            coming mithering round here becouse you've broken your neck.



Automatic Story Scenef:id:sylphes:20170131185303p:plain

Frank: Oi! I want a word with you!

Stephen: What the bloody hell are you doing?

Frank: What are you up to?

Stephen: Get out of my way. This is important.

Frank: You been with Lizzie - you mess with her, I'll knock your bloody block off son - 

Stephen: I need to track the Pattern, it's critical.

Frank: What are you talking about Stephen!?

            people are sick, birds are dying, my cows are dead -

            where's Kate?

Stephen: Still up at the tower for all I know.

                I could recalibrate the radial co-ordinates on the primary oscillators,

                If that holds up...

Frank: Stephen! Where's Kate - what's going on?

Stephen: Just keeop out of my way!



Triggered Story Scene


Charlie: You never mentioned anything about them sickening yesterday.

Frank: I checked them last night ont the way back and they were fine,

           woke up this morning and the whole lot had gone.

           Tell me Charlie, have you heard any birds today?

Charlie: Well, I've not really been paying any attention.

Frank: That sister of mine reckons thery're dropping out the sky all around the Wrekin

            Dr. Wade reckons there's sick folk all over the village.

Charlie: Meg's said not to bother trying to get deliveries out,

             said they're quarantining the whole valley.

              I reckon it's best we just sit it out. It'll all come right, Frank.

Frank: This'll all come right?

Charlie: Yeah... right.

              I am sorry about your cows, Frank.

              But when things settle down, they'll see you right.

              There's got to be provision for this sort of thing.

Frank: You oughta listen to the radio more,

            things don(t seem like they're settling down at all.

            I tell you Charlie, something big is happening.



Automatic Story Scene


Frank: There ya go.

Lizzie: Thanks Frank, that should get it out of the way.

            I don't know what happened, it just died on me.

Frank: Give it another go.

Lizzie: I only just put petrol in it as well.

           Robert's taken the other car into town.

            I wish he'd get back, he promised me that he'd back this morning.

Frank: You think he's off on another bender?

Lizzie: I can't police him all the time, Frank, he's not a child.

Frank: What's going on Lizzie?

Lizzie: Nothing!

Frank: You're seeing Stephen again aren't you?

            You two can't keep pithering on like this.

            If Robert hasn't already worked it out, he soon will.

Lizzie: Not if he carries on drinking the way he is.

           Oh shit, pardon my French, but bloody shitting thing. Why won't it start!

Frank: Come on, I'll give you a lift.





Kate: Got the telescope up and running again, but the Pattern has burnt itself into the lens.

          It's soaking up light and radiation but not routing it anywhere,

          so I can only guess that it's using it as an energy source in its attempts to communicate.

          It needs more power.

          I wonder if I could boost the reception by using multiple towers.



Triggered Story Scene


Stephen: Frank! Frank, for God's sake, stop!

Frank: Keep back you bastard! I know what you've done!

Stephen: Where's Lizzie? Where is she, I've got to find her!

Frank: You stay away - someone's got to warn them, someone's got to stop it.

Stephen: You can't stop it. You have to understand,

                you hate me, I get that, but if we don't do this, it's not just the valley,

                it's everything, Frank, it's all gone.

Frank: You're talking bollocks.

Stephen: You can't stop it. Jesus!

Frank: You take one step closer, I'll baash you bloody skull in I swear to God.

Stephen: Alright, alright, I'm going,

               but if you see Lizzie, tell her to get out. There's still time.

               Please, Frank, for her, not me.

Frank: If you that bloody caring, you can save her yourself.

Stephen: Don't you get it? I have to stay.

                Someone has to be here to confilm that everyone is dead.



Story Arc Conclusion Scene


Frank: My name is Frank Jacob Appleton.

           and if you are listening to this, then maybe Stephen was right

           and by sending the planes he stopped it all getting worse.

           It's a beautiful morning.

           I wasn't there when Mary died.

           I was too scared,

           so I went to the pub instead.

          What will be will be, Frank, she said,

          and just want you to face it with me.

          And I didn't.

          But I will now,

          I will face it with you now, Mary.

          They're coming.



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